Urla Industries Association (UIA) is a nonprofit membership organization for a wide range of industries located in Urla Industrial Area, represented by their Directors/Partner/Senior Executives, the association was founded in 1990.

UIA’s structure and wide range of expertise allow the association to be highly responsive to our members’ needs, assessing and shaping legislative and regulatory activity in collaboration with executives from member companies. UIA strives for a detailed understanding of the business operations for our members. Such understanding is vital in translating their technology, business, and policy needs into action.

UIA has been working as representative of Small, Medium and Large industries of Urla Industrial Area. To bridge the gap between industries and government has been the main objective of UIA. In past years, UIA has worked on basic infrastructure developments, industrial policies etc. that helped Industries to grow

Our vision
India’s leading Industry association creating a better world for its members, society and country.

Our Objectives
UIA exists to deliver value to its members by:

  • Acting as a bridge between its members and government and other legal bodies, in order to make the relationship smother and better.
  • Building A centre of excellence tool room for its members for better technology, precise results, more scientific data etc.
  • Being a point of contact for any one seeking investment, joint-partnership or merger etc. in Urla Industrial Area.
  • Conducting marketing events for the promotion of the member industries.
  • Recognition of excellence through Awards programmes