Welcome to Urla Industries Association

Dear Friends,

Urla Industries Association is a Leading Industry Association of our State of Chattisgarh for the last 35 years …. It’s an honour and privilege for me to represent such an association on various platforms of the industry at the State as well as Centre Government Forums.

I am extremely delighted to inform you all that Our Association finds Representation in Most of the Government Committees that are important in shaping up the Industrial Ecosystem in our state. Such is the status of our association that Other Industry Associations of our State Consult us in matters of Industry for taking up with the Government. Apart from the State Government – Our Association has in recent times been able to gather recognition and support in the Centre as well. Our Representatives are regularly invited by the government in all key policy decisions concerning the industry in our state.

Our Major Objectives for the Association :

.1. The Industrial EcoSystem is undergoing a major transformation and the way of running the industry has changed totally. Our efforts will be to have regular interaction between Government – Centre as well as State – and the Member Units – to facilitate the change that needs to be adopted to reach the next level of industrialization.

.2. Our Association has worked extensively with the Industries Department in charting the New Industrial Policy 2019-24 of our State. Our efforts will be to ensure that the benefits of the policy are actually received by the members in coordination with department.

.3. As you all are aware of the disruption caused due to pandemic COVID 19 in the Economic and Societal Structure of the entire world. Our Association worked extensively in Coordination with the District Magistrate, Industries Department and Birgaon Nagar Nigam – to ensure that a balance is struck between the economic activities and the health concerns of the employees of all our member units. The Efforts are still going On ….

4. To Motivate the young members to become active in the activities of the association as they are the future of our association and the nation.

5. To Instill a Responsibility in all Member units to imbibe a Culture of Sustainability in their operations because that is the only way we can keep the environment livable for our future generation.

Any Association Derives its Strength from the Active Participation of Its Members. I am happy and glad to share with you that our team got regular support from all our members from time to time. But this has to grow many folds as we enter into very uncertain and challenging days ahead….

Thanking all for their Continued Support ….

With Warm Regards,

Ashwin Garg
( President )