Welcome to Urla Industries Association

Urla Industrial Association (UIA) has been a pioneer to its member units since 28 years and has been successfully working to cite good relations with other industries and Government. We have come up with ‘Vision 2015-2017’ to bring in more reforms in our activities. We envision growing itself and extensively covering a large number of industrial units across Urla area and making them our members. Other concerns of this vision are described below:

  1. We will work on the objectives set by the previous team of and shall accomplish them at the earliest.
  2. Maintaining cordial relations with the State Government is also our priority. With this, we may get aware of and put forth various problems affecting the growth in industrial sector and discuss their solutions for mutual benefits.
  3. Internal functioning is also an essential priority and we shall ensure that all our executive members elected by UIA, work in best interest of the association.
  4. We are standing to instill strong and ethical leadership skills among the young industrialists and motivate them to take an active part in association and industrial activities.
  5. UIA shall take initiative to keep the industrial premises and area clean and green (environment-friendly) and persuade our members to contribute to this cause.

UIA is on its journey to regulate the above targets and meet them at the earliest. We look forward to the participation of all our members to their best efforts and contribute to the development of Industrial Sector in Raipur. On its success, we shall look ahead to set an example amongst other Industrial Associations across the country.
Yours truly,

Vinod k kejriwal
Email: president@uia.org.in