Welcome to Urla Industries Association

Urla Industries Association (UIA) has been One of the Leading Industrial Associations of the State for the Last 32 Years, working relentlessly for the Cause of the Industry by Facilitating Cordial Relations between the Government and the Industries.

At the Outset , I would like to Thank all the members for Giving me an Opportunity to Lead this association for next 2 years from 2017-19.

We have Come up with the “Vision: 2017-19” to Address the Imminent Issues Facing our Association.

1 Re- enforcement of the Values / Importance of an Industrial Association –

Over The Years we have seen that the Industrial Associations have become quite In Effective and Defunct in Taking the Issues of Industry to the Concerned Authorities.

Taking a Lead from our Past Presidents  , who have  done a Commendable Job in Establishing and Revitalizing the Spirit of a Association ….we would like to Make the Association More Strong, Responsive , Sensitive and Prompt – to Come Forward and Address the Needs of the Industry from Time To Time.

We would also Like to Work in Active Co-ordination with Other Industry Associations as Well – who have Both Local Level as well as National Level presence – to Take Up the Cause of Industry to Concerned Authorities and Make the Voice of Industry – Profound and Heard. This Will Update the Knowledge Levels of Our Association, Teach us New Methodology and Help us Grow into a Wholistic Association.

– who have Both Local Level as well as National Level presence – to Take Up the Cause of Industry to Concerned Authorities and Make the Voice of Industry – Profound and Heard !!!

2 MSME Sector

As Rightly Said – For Any Economy to Progress – the Small and Medium Sector should be Highly Flourishing and Vibrant …. Which is what we see Missing in our State???

Our Team would work for the Upliftment of the MSME Sector in close co-ordination with the Government Authorities and Other Nodal Agencies so that Actual Benefits reach the industry.


– As we all our Aware of that GST is all Set to Be Implemented by 1s July 2017 – we would be Organizing Various Knowledge Imparting Seminars in co-ordination with Industry Experts so that our Members so that the Transition towards GST is Smooth.

We , as a association – welcome and support the move of our government to Introduce GST and feel that it will Eradicate and Check a Lot of Imbalances in the Economy  and the Society , At Large.


4 Autonomy from Local Bodies –

For all the Industrial Units which come under the Ownership of Chhattisgarh State Industrial Development Corporation (CSIDC) – we shall Try and Keep them out of the Jurisdiction of Local Panchayat / Municipal Bodies.

5 Plantation Drive

Conserving the Environment – will certainly be High in the Agenda of our Work –

As we all know – a Clean Environment will Make Healthy Employees – a Healthy Employee will always be More Productive than a Unhealthy Employee.

We will work on this Slogan – Clean Urla, Green Urla.

6 Medical Amenities –

We would like to Improve the Facilities of ESIC Dispensary by exercising Close Supervision by our Team on Regular Intervals. Our Team will interact with the ESIC dept at Different Levels – Dispensary / Head Office to Understand the Issues involving the resolution of industry cases.  They will also Study the Response Time of Any Case Being Referred to the ESIC – to ascertain the Time Lag between a Case Being Reported and Registered with the ESIC.

7 Urla UVA Team –

Urla Industries Association would like to Harness the Potential of Our Upcoming Generation of Second Line of Leadership of Member Units in Achieving Our Various Objectives.

The Young Team can be utilized in Creating Team Building, Motivation, Industrial Safety and Other Social Events to Vibrancy to the Association.

We would be Requiring the Blessings / Good Wishes / Active Support  of all our Members for Taking Urla Association to Greater Heights ……..

Yours truly,

Ashwin Garg
Email: president@uia.org.in